Abingdon Karate Grading

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the grading in Abingdon today. The standard was great and the hard work paid off!

Name Junior/Senior Grade
Sam G Junior Yellow Belt, 1 tag
Otto S Junior Red Belt
Nina B Junior Red Belt
Willy T Senior Yellow Belt
Jack T Senior Yellow Belt
Filip R Junior Orange Belt
Pawel R Junior Orange Belt
Larissa S Junior Blue Belt
Cooper A Senior Brown Belt
Amber H Senior Green Belt
Olgan D Junior Brown Belt
Lily B Junior Blue Belt, 2 tags

School was out for the summer, but not for the ladies

Thameside School in Abingdon – the home of the ladies self defence classes – may have closed for the summer, but the ladies kept on learning. Laura taught some classes outside while taking advantage of the great weather and the open space of the Abbey Meadows. The ladies all appreciated keeping the classes going for them to learn new techniques, despite the usual home being closed for the holidays.

As well as taking the self defence outside, Laura and Kevin also joined the Abingdon W.I. in the summer holidays too. Laura approached them a few months back to make them aware of who Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence were, and their goals in the community. After the a ten minute presentation, flyers were handed out and questions were answered. Laura and Kevin are looking forward to be taking a class at the W.I. in 2015, watch this space.

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Summer Club Closures

Below is a list of closures over the summer holiday period. We will do our best to keep this fully up to date.

Abingdon Kids Karate Club: Closed. Reopens 7th September
Earley Karate Clubs (Cadet and Junior): Closed. Reopens 8th September
Ladies Self Defence: Closed. Reopens 9th September
Reading Karate and Self Defence Club: Open except 10th and 17th August
Thamesside Karate Club: Closed. Reopens 9th September
Woodley Karate Clubs (Cadet and Junios): Closed. Reopens 10th September

Woodley and Earley Karate Clubs visit Gravity Force

Today, Woodley and Earley Karate Clubs visited Gravity Force trampoline centre: in force! With 53 people attending the party, it was the largest party that Gravity Force had ever held. We had children (and adults) from both clubs along as well as some gatecrashers from Abingdon: Kevin, Lauren and Amy. Everyone had a great time and I learnt some important lessons:

  • As an instructor who gives out pressups, if you get onto the dodgeball court with a lot of your pupils, expect them to gang up on you.
  • Trampolining is very hard work!
  • All of the flips that the 5-15 years olds can do are much harder when you’re 35…
  • A group of 53 children can demolish a LOT of pizza in a VERY short time.
  • A group of 53 children can also eat a lot of ice cream.
  • Diving into the foam pit from the trampoline is a lot of fun…getting out is a lot harder!

All in all, a great day for everyone. Thanks to Claire and Louise for being chief photographers for me.

St Nicolas Church Summer Fair

The Earley Karate Club were invited today to take part in a demonstration at the St Nicolas Church Summer Fair. Earley Karate Club uses the St Nicolas Church hall every week for training, so it was a great chance to show local residents what we are about. During the demo, we showed off some pad work, did some escapes and take downs and then gave some of the spectators a go on the pads. After a great demo, the children all went and chatted to local residents and other children about what it is like training within Kyushindo and several people afterwards came and said how polite, disciplines and hard working all of the children were. Several parents also asked for details to sign their children up!

Well done to everyone who took part!

Samuel shows off his Karate at Rose Bowl Competition

Samuel, from Woodley and Earley Karate Clubs, took part in a Rose Bowl competition at his school last Friday. For the day he had to prepare a table top presentation about one of his hobbies, and he chose karate! You can see the fantastic work that he put into the display and he even challenged his friends and other visitors to tie a belt onto themselves. After standing there for three hours talking to visitors about karate, he is now waiting to find out what the judges thought to his work. We’ll keep you posted on how he got on.


Reading Cadet and Karate Grading

Congratulations to the children who graded in Reading. The session started off with the cadets where the children worked very hard. All of the children were awarded their Red stripe belt:

Name Junior/Senior Grade
Oliver B Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Grace D Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Troy D Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Oliver F Cadet Red Stripe Belt
George H Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Edward H Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Max M Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Evella M Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Rosylena M Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Jonty P Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Katie R Cadet Red Stripe Belt
Fran S Cadet Red Stripe Belt

After the cadets came the juniors. The children also worked incredibly hard with the following grades being awarded:

Name Junior/Senior Grade
Jack B Junior Red Belt
James D Junior Red Belt, 2 tags
Alex K Junior Red Belt
Jack R Junior Red Belt
Louie T Junior Red Belt
Mikhail S Junior Red Belt
Lucy M Junior Yellow Belt
Amy R Junior Yellow Belt, 1 tag
Sophie R Junior Yellow Belt
Alfie S Junior Yellow Belt
Daisy T Junior Yellow Belt,1 tag
Joseph S Junior Orange Belt
Latshaya TN Junior Orange Belt, 1 tag
Maddie M Junior Green Belt, 2 tags

Woodley Karate Demo and Fundraising

After the donation of £300 to the Rotary Club (see previous post), the children (cadets and juniors) had the chance to show off some of the drills, kata and techniques that they have been learning in class. The hall was packed out with parents and friends who came to watch what the children have been doing and it was great to see the support.

After the demo work, it was time to head outside for some fundraising fun! As we all know, balance and posture are key in martial arts. To help this, the children were challenged to balance cups of (cold) water on their heads while doing techniques. I’m not sure…but I’m sure that ‘someone’ was knocking cups off heads to soak the children… The children really enjoyed it and the parents and spectators made fantastic donations allowing us to add £42 to the fundraising efforts for Nepal.

Below is a whole photo gallery of photos from the session!

Woodley Karate Club donation to Nepal

Today, Josh and Jessica from Woodley Karate Club were proud to make a donation to the Rotary Club in order to help provide shelter boxes for the people hit by the earthquake in Nepal. The donation was made via the fees and other monies collected through the club and agreed by the parents. The donation of £300 pays a huge contribution towards providing a life-saving shelter, which can house 12 people and provides all of the cooking and food supplies needed for four months in a disaster zone. The Rotary Club are already shipping them out to Nepal, but the donation from Woodley Karate Club helps to provide another group of people with shelter, food and cooking supplies.

To find out more about the ShelterBox, take a look at their website: ShelterBox

Also, take a look at the photo below of Josh and Jessica presenting the cheque to the president of the Loddon Vale Rotary Club.

DSC_0170 (Small)

Anti-Bullying Alliance: Meet the Members

Recently we received an email from the Anti-Bullying Alliance, one of the groups that Kyushindo is an associate member of, asking us to put together a video about the things that we do to help children with issues around bullying. On Thursday last week I sat down with some of the children from my Woodley class and we put together a video. After sending it off to the Anti-Bullying Alliance, they have now published it on their YouTube page and will be using it around the web in their campaign against bullying. Take a look at the video here: