Adult Members’ (Late) Christmas Party

We would like to invite our Adult members, along with their partners/wives/husbands, and parents of our junior members to come along and celebrate the festive period with us. As all of our diaries are already chock-a-block with things between now and New Year, we are going to celebrate in the New Year with a traditional Indian night out!

Join us at 7:30pm on Sunday 11th January at Tiffins Tandoori Restaurant, 5-7 Bath Street, Abingdon, OX14 3QH for a their amazing banquet (£10.95) or something off the menu.

If you are coming along, all you need to do is call the restaurant in advance (01235 537786) and book a place for yourself at our table: Kyushindo Karate Party.

After the party, we will be heading to The Narrows for just a ‘few’ drinks.


Christmas Club Closures

The Christmas period has arrived and some of the Kyushindo Clubs will be closing to allow members and instructors to spend time celebrating and visiting their families. Check the list below to see when clubs are open and closed:

Abingdon Karate Club (juniors): CLOSED, reopens 12th January
Abingdon Karate and Judo Club: Last Session, 22nd December, reopens 3rd January
Didcot Karate and Judo Clubs: CLOSED, reopens 7th January
Earley Karate Club: CLOSED, reopens 6th January
Faringdon Karate Club: CLOSED, reopens 6th January
Ladies Self Defence: CLOSED, reopens 7th January
Oxford Karate Club: Special Christmas Training Session: 30th December. Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.
Reading Karate Club: CLOSED, reopens 5th January
Thameside Karate Club: CLOSED, reopens 7th January
Woodley Karate Club: CLOSED, reopens 15th January

We would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our members and their families a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Abingdon Kids Christmas Party

The kids from the Abingdon and Faringdon clubs had an amazing time at the Christmas Party this year. With food galore and plenty of games, what was there not to like?

The children took part in games such as shovelling sweets on a spoon and depositing them in a stocking through to wrapping each other up in wrapping paper to create the best present they could out of one of their team members.

All of the children were also given chocolates and a Kyushindo water bottle.

With all of that added to a huge buffet and music provided by DJs James and Vicky everybody was always going to have a lot of fun!

Take a look at the photos below to see what happened (and to see Kev’s Christmas Jumper…scary!)

Ray guest instructs at Ladies Self Defence

Thank you to Ray, who was our guest instructor at the Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence class this week. All the girls really enjoyed the lesson and learnt some new moves and basic information too. Their confidence is growing each week, which is brilliant to see. We also took the opportunity to get some great photos of the ladies in action thanks to Kathy, so you can look forward to seeing those photos posted soon!

Abingdon Grading

Today was a busy day at the Abingdon Grading. Everyone as usual worked very hard and well done to all of those who passed. Below is a list of those awarded new belts:

Phoebe G Junior Yellow Belt, 1 tag
Zain H Junior Yellow Belt, 1 tag
Tegan J Junior Yellow Belt
James M Senior Yellow Belt
Ian H Senior Yellow Belt, 1 tag
Jack W Junior Orange Belt
Ella C Junior Orange Belt, 1 tag
Daniel C Junior Orange Belt
Cooper A Junior Orange Belt, 3 tags
Gerry C Senior Green Belt, 1 tag
Antonio C Junior Green Belt
Amy A Junior Green Belt
Nathan W Junior Blue Belt
Hannah Y Junior Blue Belt
Geoff B Senior Brown Belt

Black Belt Grading

Today saw the annual Black Belt grading and as usual the standard was very high. The session started with the written test before moving into the syllabus work. During the day everyone worked through all of the syllabus work, the kata work and paired and group sparring work. The grading panel, comprising of Mike James, David Frost and Paul Sockett was impressed with the standard from everybody. Ray, who was leading the grading, commented specifically on one of our young brown belts, Emma. The entire grading panel commented on the highly exceptional standards that she showed throughout the grading.

As usual, there are some photos from the end of the grading:

Abingdon Karate and Judo Closed: 6th October

closedDue to the Abingdon Michaelmas Fayre on the 6th October, all of the karate and judo classes taking place on that Monday evening are closed. It’s a bit of a drive, but if you wish to continue a training session, Garry will make you very welcome at Reading club!

Abingdon (Conservative Club) Closed: 6th September

closedDue to a grading taking place at the Abingdon Conservative Club on Saturday 6th September, the karate and judo classes will not be running. We hope to see everybody training again the following week as normal!

Why do we bow?

Joseph from Woodley CE Karate Club has been finding out why we bow to each other during karate and judo sessions. Take a look at what he wrote:


Summer Holiday Closures

closedDue to summer holidays, schools being closed and instructors going away, some Kyushindo clubs are closed over the holiday period. Clubs will be closed as follows:

Abingdon (Thameside) – Closed – Reopens 3rd September
Abingdon (Conservative Club) – Junior class closed – Reopens 8th September
Abingdon (Conservative Club) – Judo, Mixed Age karate – OPEN
Earley Karate Club – Closed – Reopens 9th September
Faringdon Karate Club – Closed – Reopens 2nd September
Ladies Self Defence – Closed – Reopens 3rd September
Oxford Clubs – OPEN
Reading Karate Club – Closed on 4th & 11th August, open for all other dates.
Woodley Karate Club – Closed – Reopens 11th September (Cadet class starts on the 18th September)