One way in which Kyushindo Karate differs from some other styles is that is uses more natural, circular movements, as well as the straight techniques you would normally see. This makes it easier to move around an opponent rather than just defending or attacking from the front and in time, can give you more options against both single and multiple attackers.

Blocking techniques are used to deflect an opponent’s attack, rather than trying to stop it using only force and strength. Striking techniques such as punches and kicks are practiced from a relaxed position, so that speed and accuracy can be developed in preference to power. With practice, power does come from good technique and movement, but in Kyushindo, we do not use exercises like breaking boards or bricks to develop strength and power alone.

Another difference from some Karate styles is that we don’t aim for particularly high or fancy kicking techniques. Again, we concentrate on developing good, fast techniques which can be achieved by aiming for lower target areas. With practice, higher grades will be expected to get their kicks higher and combine them with more complicated movements; but we do not use forced stretching exercises to take kicks higher than you could do naturally.

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