Our policy at Kyushindo is to keep your costs down as much as possible! None of the instructors are teaching for money as we all work as volunteers and have other ‘day jobs’ which we use to earn a living. By coming to see one of our classes though, you will see that just because we are ‘cheap’ it doesn’t mean that the quality of instruction is poor – all of our instructors have not only been training for many years but they have been checked to ensure that they can actually teach! Check out the instructors page to find out more.

Why do I have to pay then?

All of our instructors are volunteers, but it isn’t free to run a club. Instructors have to pay costs out such as hall hire fees, insurance, child protection and first aid training as well as buying all of that great equipment that you get to use! All of the money you pay into Kyushindo goes into the running of Kyushindo.

How much does it all cost?

Look below to see a table of costs:

Lesson fee These vary from club to club, please see the clubs page
Membership fee £20 per year
Grading fee £20
Training Kit (Karate or Judo Gi) Varies from around £10 to up to £20 for basic kit – ask the club instructor for exact prices

Please note that if you are in financial hardship then you should talk to the club instructor. We are able to assist wherever we can to help you or your child to pay. We can also offer discounts on membership and lesson fees if multiple members of the same family are training – we know it all adds up!