Stokenchurch Karate Club

Long Burrow Hall, Park Lane, Stokenchurch, HP14 3TQ

Stokenchurch Karate Club

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Stokenchurch Karate Club 51.662218, -0.901732 Stokenchurch Karate Club

Class Times & Cost

Tuesday, 7:15 – 9:15pm


Norman West, Buckinghamshire Area Coach, 6th Dan
Norman started training in Kyushindo in 1974 at the St Michaels St dojo in Oxford. During his training he developed a love of Kyushindo, especially the movement, spirit, teaching and the humbleness of the style. Norman started his training with Mr Mayo and Derek Collins and learned to use the principles being taught through the Kyushindo to be to his liking. As a former chairman of Kyushindo, Norman has a huge influence on the style now. He now heads up the Buckinghamshire area where he runs his club in Stokenchurch.

“I aim to continue training and teaching for as long as I can focussing on those principles of Kyushindo that I hold so dear.”


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Norman: 01491 838662