The aim of Kyushindo is to train safely and enjoyably, so that anyone from 8 to 80 can progress with little risk of constant injuries.

Kyushindo covers both Judo and Karate, which are taught to different degrees in different clubs. Kyushindo Judo uses natural, circular movements instead of forcing and lifting to achieve the throws. The words ‘JU’ and ‘DO’ in Japanese, literally mean ‘gentle way’. Kyushindo Karate relies on speed and accuracy; and again emphasises the use of natural movement and good posture for blocking and striking.

Kyushindo is taught as a martial art, not a sport, so it will not win you lots of trophies. Instead, you will learn self defence, whilst improving your physical fitness and self-confidence – and hopefully enjoying yourself.

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It is important to ensure the club you are attending has considered all aspects of health, safety, well-being and equality. In line with our commitment to this, you can read the main policies that govern Kyushindo.