A big congratulations goes to all Kyushindo Judo students that took part in the grading on 1st April 2017 – this was held at Abingdon Conservative Club. Even though the day was officially April Fools, there were certainly no ‘fools’ on the mats, all students passed with brand- new and very colourful belts along with massive smiles on their faces after the two hour grading.

Here are all the new grades that were awarded:

Matilda Clayson – red belt
Joanne de Villiers – red belt
Lois Kemp-Harper – red belt
Will Cotmore-Brown – yellow belt
Ken Sheehan – yellow belt
Alison Puckey – orange belt with two green stripes
Gemma Gregory – green belt
Rowan Merchant – green belt with one blue stripe
Beverley Gregory – green belt with three blue stripes
Katie Simpson – blue belt

Third Dan Instructor, Laura Gilbert was also pleased to award Samuel Gardner – a current brown belt in the martial art, with two black stripes to add to his belt. Samuel received these stripes due to continued improvements to his Judo technique and confidence being built since helping with assisting in the Judo classes.

For more information on Abingdon Conservative Club’s judo classes, please complete an enquiry form today.