WI LogoKyushindo Ladies Self Defence were extremely pleased to be invited to run a self defence workshop for the Hadland Road WI, (Women’s Institute) on Wednesday 16th March 2016.

Laura from Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence took a 45 minute workshop for all the keen ladies at the WI – Bev, who has attended the self defence classes from day one, was also there to help with the session. The WI were given a brief overview of the classes, Laura and Bev then moved into a short and simple warm-up to get the ladies ready to learn some new techniques.

Learning wrist releases were just for starters for the WI, strikes and kicks were then incorporated into the workshop, along with tips on how to safe. The ladies also learnt about what is classed as their own ‘personal space’ and what peripheral vision is, and how to use it.

Laura was very impressed with how enthusiastic the ladies of Hadland Road WI were during the workshop, she explains, “I’m really pleased with how brilliantly the ladies of the WI worked. Not only have they learnt simple, but effective techniques, they’ve also had brilliant fun learning the moves too. The Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence classes aren’t just about learning how to stay safe, but it’s also about women feeling empowered, making themselves a priority, having fun, while also bonding with other women from the class too.”

If you’d like to find out more about Laura’s classes, please drop her an email at, kyushindo_ladies@hotmail.com. You can also follow Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence on Facebook at, www.facebook.com/KyushindoLadiesSelfDefence.