At the Reading Clubs today, the festive season certainly got into full swing. With Cadets and Juniors from across the Reading clubs invited, it was a packed hall at St Nicolas Church.

The celebrations started with that ever so festive treat: pizza. The children quickly devoured TEN 18″ pizzas with crisps and various other bits of food and around 4 dozen mince pies.

After the food had all gone, it was time for the Sports Leaders; Ollie, Emma, Owen and Dan; to organise the games.

First of all the started the children off on a dressup relay. After donning a Santa had a huge ski gloves, they had to race to the other side of the hall open a candy cane, eat it and run back. Easy? Not when you’re wearing gloves. Some people might have had a bit of trouble with this one (and of course there was no cheating!)

Next, the Sports Leaders had the children dressing up one of their team mates as Rudolph. Armed with brown paper, antlers, packaging tape and red face paint they were given ten minutes to make the best Rudolph that they could. It was certainly a lot of fun, though everyone seemed to finish with red noses and covered in packaging tape.

Then it was time for a good old game of ‘pass the parcel’. Ollie obviously spend hours wrapping the two parcels as it went on for a long time – there were a lot of layers! Just as the game was finishing though, a very special guest turned up…SANTA! He came to visit to check that everyone was being good and having a fun time as well as to hand out a present to everyone.

Everyone had a great time. I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Ollie, Emma, Owen and Dan – the games couldn’t have run without you. I’d also like to thank all of the parents who helped with setup and clearing away, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere near as smoothly without you!

I look forward to seeing everyone back training in 2016 when the Earley class has moved to its new venue at Loddon Primary School.

Photos are below of the party today. If you want copies of photos of your child, please let me know the photo number, e.g. DSC_0256.