After the impressive performance from the Woodley Cadets, the Juniors had a lot to live up to and they certainly did match up! With three 5th Dan black belts and two 3rd Dan black belts, there were a lot of eyes on the kids who were grading and they certainly pulled out all of the stops to show off their talent. All of them put on a fantastic display of effort and skills, though of course there is still a lot to learn. At the end each member was given individual feedback to help them continue their training. Here is a list of grades awarded today:

Name Grade
Cora J Red Belt
Simba M Red Belt
Jack B Yellow Belt
Jack R Yellow Belt
Alex K Yellow Belt
Bee S Orange Belt, 1 tag
Remy S Orange Belt
Ethan J Green Belt
Samuel O Green Belt
Maddie M Blue Belt, 2 tags
Adam T Blue Belt
Daniel H Brown Belt
Max Y Brown Belt

2015-11-26 17.44.00
2015-11-26 18.21.34