Congratulations to all who attended today’s Black Belt Grading in Highgate, London. The effort and technique was excellent!

The following grades were awarded:

Name Grade
Morgan W Junior Black Belt
Katie H Junior Black Belt
Christian G Junior Black Belt
Esme W Junior Black Belt
Geoff B Black Belt
Thomas H Black Belt, 1st Dan
Justin E Black Belt, 3rd Dan
Darren N Black Belt, 3rd Dan
Toby L Black Belt, 3rd Dan
Andy C Black Belt, 3rd Dan
Chris B Black Belt, 3rd Dan
David F Black Belt, 7th Dan
Mike J Black Belt, 7th Dan

In addition to the grades awarded, Chris and Esme were awarded an ‘Exceptional Performance’ medal for their excellent work during the grading.

During the grading, a few photos were taken (but not too many so it didn’t distract!), here are some of the photos as well as photos of the presentations at the end: