Well done to everyone who graded in Abingdon today. The grading was split into two sections with both sets of students working very hard! Here is the list of grades handed out today:

Name Junior/Senior Grade
Jed H Junior Yellow
Jacob H Junior Yellow
Hannah B Junior Yellow
Phoebe G Junior Orange
Lea G Junior Yellow
Julian W Senior Yellow
Ian H Senior Orange
Erwin L Junior Green
Larrisa S Junior Green
Katie G Junior Blue
Tyler C Junior Blue
Charlie L Junior Blue + 1 tag
Torr B Junior Brown + 1 tag
James B Junior Brown
Owen T Junior Brown + 1 tag
Michael O Senior Green + 1 tag
Andrew G Senior Green
Tim S Senior Green
Hannah H Senior Green
Mike H Senior Blue

As usual, there are some photos, though these are all from the second half of the grading. Apologies to those in the first part that I wasn’t able to make it in time!

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