The Kyushindo Ladies Self Defence trial course is very nearly complete, with just one final class to go.

In the third class, the girls were given a quick recap on what was covered in the previous week and what was going to be included in that evening’s 90 minute class. This week, it was all about kicks and strikes which the girls were looking forward to learning about.

As per the previous weeks, Laura started the class with a 10 minute warm up focussing mostly on the arms and legs as they were going to be used the most in the 90 minutes.

The class was then split into two with Kevin taking the first group for various strikes. He demonstrated a range of punches, chops, elbows along with hand strikes. The girls practised all of these on target pads and were shown how effective these can be.
Laura demonstrated various kicks along with why and when they should be used. All of the kicks were then practised on target pads to build confidence on technique and improve the girls balance. The groups then rotated after a 5 minute break.

At the end of the class Kevin worked with the girls for a quick cool down which involved various gentle stretches and a little chi- energy.

With one more week to go until the trial course is finished, Kevin and Laura are extremely happy by all the girls improvements on their techniques and constant enthusiasm throughout the class.

Roll on next week for the finale!