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First lesson freeKyushindo is a relatively modern ‘freestyle’ martial art, originating in the UK during the mid 20th century. We have taken influence from traditional Japanese styles of martial arts (such as Shotokan karate and judo), but also from the flowing forms of Chinese “soft” style arts, (principally tai chi and bagua).  It is not based on physical strength or bulk, but on technique, balance and speed. It uses circular movement harnessing  an opponent’s force and using it against them. Unlike some traditional schools, we do not perform techniques that use unnatural movements or body hardening conditioning. We appreciate that this form of training can lead to long term joint damage. Consequently, it is eminently safer, particularly for children, than many other styles of martial arts.

This is not to say it is not as effective, just watch our instructors working together or demonstrating the use of technique and you will see why we teach the way we do. We also recognise that our students have to go to school or work the next morning!

All of our clubs are family orientated. Just come along to any of our classes and see how many children and their parents, or siblings, learn karate or judo together. We run a number of mixed-age karate and judo classes within Kyushindo where adults and children train together. Currently there are karate clubs in Reading, Abingdon, Oxford and Didcot and the Didcot Judo Club that allow this great opportunity. They are able to spend quality time together in a safe and structured environment; what better way to pass a few hours! Indeed why not look at our instructors profiles and see the evidence for yourself. Many of them started out training with their children, and indeed many still do.

“Kyushindo is where I bring my children in the knowledge they have wonderful role models and a good time.”

“I love Kyushindo because the people are really nice and funny and make sure that you are safe” (Monty – White Belt)

“I love going to Karate because the instructors make it fun” (Thomas – Yellow Belt)

Come and join in

We know the biggest step is the one through the door as we have all taken it. Come along to any of our karate or judo classes in Abingdon, Oxford, Reading, Faringdon, Stokenchurch or Didcot and you will immediately be welcomed and the first thing that will strike you is the relaxed buzz in the club as parents, children and older students mingle.

Yes we do teach karate and judo to any age, however we believe 5 is the youngest to benefit, and have those of more ‘senior years’ in our classes as beginners. We are always happy for you to observe a class and it is surprising how quickly even the shyest want to get onto the mat and join in. We accept it is not for everyone and for this reason the first lesson is always free. Even after that we do not demand up-front payments and most clubs operate a “Pay As You Train” Philosophy. All of our instructors teach as a hobby because they really enjoy it, none of them do this as a means of making a living, as such we are able to keep our prices affordable.

“Since starting karate earlier this year I notice that both of my boys are more confident…”

“My son’s life has been changed since he started Kyushindo, thank you”

“I bring my children because it strengthens the mind, the body and the spirit in a fun family environment”